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6 Ways To Date Your Spouse

by Paige Bittle People call the first year of marriage “The Honeymoon Phase” for a reason. The first year is exciting and new; everything your spouse does is adorable, and you spend every second together. But as time passes, work ...
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Submission: It’s not What You Think

by Pastor Robby Neidlinger   Too often when we hear the word “submission”, we think of one person dominating over another person. But that’s not the way the Bible views it. In Ephesians 5, the Apostle Paul instructs spouses to ...
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FREE DOWNLOAD: Love Remains – by Havilah Joy Beaver

This weekend we are kicking off a new 2 week series called "Married With Benefits". One of our music team members, Havilah, will be performing a song she wrote called "Love Remains" in services. We hope that you love it ...
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