by Pastor Christian McAllister
Campus Pastor, County Line Campus

As you may already know, Grace Church is currently in the process of starting a new campus near Sterling, Ohio. The County Line Campus is in a phase of digging in and getting to know it’s community and how to best reach the people there with the love and story of Jesus. We connected with Campus Pastor Christian McAllister to find out some of his pro-tips on building relationships as we go about our daily routines.

1. Be loving!

When Jesus saw people, He had compassion on them. Compassion paves the way to hope.

2. Be friendly!

Make eye contact with everyone you pass and offer a smile and a greeting.

3. Be consistent!

Frequent the same restaurants and stores. Be a regular face. Learn people’s names and use them as you engage in conversation.

4. Be present!

Volunteer at your kid’s school or in your community. Spend time at your local library or park.

5. Be an icebreaker!

Initiate conversation. (Ask about tattoos. Each one has a story.)

6. Be attentive!

Do the people around you seem joyful or frustrated?

7. Be a listener!

Ask questions that require an answer, so you can hear their story. (What’s something that made you laugh this week?)

8. Be a contributor!

Participate in the conversation with eye contact. (This isn’t the time to be checking your phone.) Share the hope you have in Jesus.

9. Be aware!

Have open eyes to the needs that people have around you.

10. Be the hands and feet of Jesus!

Live to make Jesus make sense to others.