Ryan Rodeman

After growing up with no religious background, Ryan has experienced radical life change since hearing the story of Jesus from a friend in college. His friend invited him to Grace in 2000 and he’s been growing with the Bath Campus since the first year it started. Since coming on staff as a pastor, he has worked with the areas of Biblical Community, Emmaus Ministry Training and our Moody program. Currently, Ryan oversees Adult Ministries at the Bath Campus, teaches in our Moody program and shares teaching with Pastor Jeff in our weekend services.

Ryan and his wife, Lori, have four children…a boy & three girls. They love spending time as a family hiking, exercising and hanging out around the house. Ryan loves to be outside building his woodpile for his wood burning stove, play Frisbee and use a whiteboard whenever possible. He has a special passion for reaching people with no religious background, for seeing the gospel advance into new areas and for developing leaders.