At Grace, we do hard things. When given two options, we will choose the one no one else wants to tackle. We will intentionally go where hope is hard to find.
One of these hard things includes our partnership in Haiti. For the last few years, we’ve been working in the community of Bercy, about 25 miles out of Port-au-Prince. Pastor Chelo started a church about 5 years ago, called Iglese de Grace (Grace Church in the language of Creole). In that amount of time, they’ve grown to about 80 people on the weekends and seen lots of folks lives already begin to make great and healthy changes.

In the past 5 years we’ve seen these amazing things happen in Bercy:

  • Eglise de la Grace in Bercy was built in part through funds raised by Power Kids and regular giving of Grace Church. The church now has 80 regular attenders and they are working on Phase 2 of the church that will be a children and teens wing.
  • Power Kids purchased a motorcycle to enable our pastor to engage more of his community and as his family grew we were also able to help purchase a car.
  • We have had a hand in teaching Know It, Live It, and Give It Away to the church, the SHAPE class, and soon a marriage conference!
  • Helped lead children’s bible camps and other summer programs
  • Ministry with Young Lights, the Haitian led youth group (see video here:
  • Among many others, 2 voodoo priests have accepted Jesus
  • We assisted with the building of the mission house, Sant Mouvmant
  • We assisted in getting a well dug and operable
  • We help sponsor 82 children in Bercy
  • We’ve seen FMSC manna packs delivered to Bercy
  • Fruit bearing Trees planted to provide food and jobs selling the fruit but also increased vegetation in the area.
  • Medical/dental clinics have seen almost 2000 people through the years. These individuals were not only given medical care but were prayed for and heard the gospel.
  • We’ve sent over 200 people to be a part of the work in Haiti!
To add to these exciting things, Paul Vespoli recently traveled to Haiti as a part of a FMSC team and he was able to see first-hand how the meals you’ve packed (and more like them) have been used to not only meet food needs but promote a better way of life.
We have another group of women who are getting ready to take their 3rd trip to Haiti in April. They minister to women and children who otherwise might be completely overlooked. They have been allowed into maternity hospitals and the women’s jail sharing the gospel and encouraging women to see their worth and value in Jesus.

Haiti Through the Years

 We are so excited about what God has done and continues to do through the work of the local church, the missionaries, and our short term teams. For more information on how you can be a part of a GO Team to Haiti email Sarah Yajko at and you can visit our GO Teams page at