Come over for dinner! We’re having Leftovers

One of my favorite things is sharing meals with people I care about. I love having people over for dinner, and usually, we are having tacos. So imagine that I invited you over for dinner and promise you an authentic Mexican dinner…tacos, guacamole, homemade tortillas, all the food I learned how to make from my mom who is from Los Angeles and my dad who is from Colorado. However, imagine that when you come over, you find that the tacos are just leftovers from Taco Bell, and you end up with one with all the wilted lettuce, barely any cheese, and a broken shell. I am pretty sure that you would never come over again for dinner.

This is just a silly example, but I realized that this is the kind of hospitality that I sometimes offer to God. Recently, I stumbled on a blog post about generosity that really hit me. Without even stopping to think about it, generosity has become the term to describe giving away our unwanted leftovers, such as clothing we would never wear and our old outdated electronics, instead of giving God the very best, the “first fruits of our crops,” the way Abel did in Genesis and the way that Proverbs 3:9-10 describes. Generosity sometimes is an afterthought, the leftovers, instead of a lifestyle of putting God first. I don’t prioritize giving the way I should, but I’ll go out for coffee several times a week. Or sometimes, giving feels more like paying a bill or something I have to do than an act of worship. This is an area that I am challenging myself to think differently about.

In the blog post, “Dear World: Let’s Stop Giving our Crap to the Poor,” the author described what it means to really live generously, meeting needs in the world. She wrote,

“When we give our best, we are living our best. We are saying with our donation, you are valuable. We are whispering with our gift, you are worthy of the best. We have the opportunity to speak self worth when we give generously.”

Giving to the needs of the world is how to show hospitality to and give directly to Jesus in response to what he has done. If I were having him over for dinner, I would want to serve him my best. Not my leftovers!

You can find the whole, original blog post here. It is quite an interesting and convicting read!