This weekend some of our Student Ministries band members will join our weekend band to lead us in worship. Several students have worked together to write an energetic song called “Does Not Stop” that they’ll be sharing with us in services.

You can listen to and download the song for free below:


“Does Not Stop” was written by Josiah Bogue, Zach Beaver, Mason Scott, Whitney Kim, and Emma Reyes. Here is little bit about how the song came to be from Josiah:

“I think one of the biggest reasons I love the song Does Not Stop is because it’s original, not only to us as a band, but to all of Grace’s student ministries as a whole.  About three years ago, Zach and I (Josiah) went to lead worship for the kids at Jr. Camp.  We were trying to teach them the song Relentless and, given that the title can be a pretty big word for a third grader, we wanted to explain to them what the word relentless meant.  One of our bassists at the time told all the kids that relentless simply means does not stop… God’s love does not stop.  Apparently this was not communicated incredibly effectively because the kids thought we were trying to tell them to chant “does not stop” in the song!  From that point forward, every time we played Relentless, the kids would all scream “DOES NOT STOP!!” in the middle of the chorus.  Word of this got back home and the kids at Merge (our Wednesday night ministry) took the creative liberty of attempting to incorporate our new chant into every high energy song they could.  No matter what, they were chanting “does not stop” in every instrumental break possible lead by some of our most prominent student leaders. As we were looking to write our own music, we wanted to express the heart of Jesus and all that He’s done and is doing in our lives.  We wanted to sing about His grace, His power, and His unconditional love for us no matter how far we are and the lengths He has gone through to bring us to Him.  We especially wanted to have a song that reminded everyone who heard it that no matter what, Christ is here with us.  After establishing that focus, Zach, Mason, Emma, Whitney, and I got together and wrote the verses, pre-chorus, and bridge but we still were lacking a chorus to make it all come together.  After many, many attempts, we finally realized that the students of Merge had already written a chorus for us.  God’s saving grace, His endless reign, and His unconditional love does not stop and never will and all we want to do is sing about it.”