We all love to make small detailed updates, right? We thought so… so we decided we would send one along of our own

As our 30 in 30 vision takes us out of Ohio, a slight adjustment needed to be made.

On Monday May 1stth our name in the database software provider for GraceLINK changed from graceohio.ccbchurch.com to gracelink.ccbchurch.com. This change was made because it was very confusing to our campuses outside of Ohio to receive text messages and emails from Graceohio; moving forward, we will all see “GraceLINK” as the sender instead. 

How does this affect you? I am glad you asked! There are a few things that might affect you. 

1. BOOKMARKS: Any bookmarks using graceohio.ccbchurch.com will no longer work. Simply remove the old bookmark and add the new one (gracelink.ccbchurch.com), and you’ll be all set! (Side Note: If you have gracelink.graceohio.org bookmarked, that link will still be active and work.) 

2. EMAIL: Please be aware that this change might lead to Grace Church emails going to clutter or junk again. Please add the new name (GraceLINK) to your approved senders list. This will not affect everyone, but from experience we know that some email providers are touchier than others.

Thanks for making these small adjustments with us. Our efforts to reach as many people as possible with the hope and message of Christ sometimes includes the little things!