Scott Farwell has been coordinating our relief efforts in Houston and Puerto Rico. Below is his recap of the last two months.
    • WHAT WE HAVE DONE SO FAR: Grace teams have completed 8 successful teams and at least 1 more team is coming. The main focus was clean-up only. First it was all of Bayou City Fellowship’s work orders (some 800+ of them between 2 campuses). Then we drummed up work and made connections with community leaders and brought on translators to get into the areas where folks would not ask for help or did not know where to turn.Bruce Lightle from Grace Bath stayed down there to cook for everyone at BCF Cypress and just returned a week ago.
    • WHAT THE FUTURE LOOKS LIKE: BCF Cypress has committed to rebuilding select houses for families that are susceptible to the storm chasers that are buying houses for pennies on the dollar making people believe their houses aren’t worth anything and conning them into selling. We are looking for skilled workers to continue to travel to Houston to help with the rebuilding efforts. We will be able to continue to stay at BCF Cypress.
      I witnessed at least 2 people come to Christ in this mission, Countless other loving hearts in action and groups and individuals from all over North America dropping everything to come to Texas. We (Grace Churches/Encompass) have formed an amazing partnership with Bayou City Fellowship, Brook Church, Churches Without Walls, Firefighters For Christ and many other organizations.

There are still ways that you can be involved in the relief efforts in Houston and Puerto Rico. For more information email Sarah Yajko at