Joe and Ava are current AfterSchool volunteers at South Street and are a retired accountant & retired nurse with 3 children & 8 grandchildren. They learned about South Street Ministries from Jodi Tucker, Joe Tucker’s mom. They attend Bath Campus with their family. 

In preparing for retirement, we decided to look for a volunteer opportunity with one of the organizations for whom we were currently providing financial support. We had recently begun supporting South Street Ministries. We had heard about the good things that South Street Ministries were doing in the Summit Lake neighborhood and how they were helping meet the needs of the people with a Godly perspective. We had enjoyed a few lunches at The Front Porch Café, and were very impressed with what was happening in the ministry. A current newsletter showed that South Street had an urgent need for volunteers in their AfterSchool program. We decided that we would volunteer and enlisted our grandson to do his high school volunteer hours with us. We started out by saying we would volunteer one day a week at the AfterSchool program.

After the first week, we could tell that if we wanted to develop a relationship with the children, we needed to come more than one day a week. The children are so loving and they needed to know that we were going to be there to help them. We did not need a lot of training–we just needed to listen, to care, to assist with homework, and to love the children. We looked forward to being a part of the children’s lives.

We receive a special blessing when the children are excited to show us their school progress reports.We have been volunteering for three years, and we look forward to being a part of this ministry for a long time. We have worked beside many of the South Street Ministries staff and have witnessed their dedication to all their programs. We feel this ministry deserves our financial support in addition to volunteering. If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity please join us and I promise it will be a blessing to you.