We can’t know God without knowing the Bible. At Grace, we’ve developed Emmaus Ministry Training to help you do just that. As Jesus and his disciples were walking the road to Emmaus, “beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, He explained to them what was said in all the Scriptures concerning Himself” (Luke 24:27). We want to open the Bible to you as Jesus did for the disciples.

Emmaus Ministry Training will be an invaluable resource to you, whether you wish to learn more about leading your family, a small group or even preparing to lead your own church. We’ll take you as deep as you want to go!


Below are the upcoming classes that are being offered at Grace Church. You can click on a class and register online.


What is Baptism? In simple terms, being baptized is like putting on a wedding ring, it’s a response to a loved one and an outward symbol of internal commitment and truth. In the Bible, especially during Jesus’ life and right after that time, the pattern of baptism as a response to salvation is demonstrated. There is only one requirement, a personal decision to believe and accept the salvation of God through Jesus Christ (Acts 2:41, 8:12).





Basic Beliefs of the Church

What do we believe? Why do we believe it? What is the focus of our faith? The Basic Beliefs of the Church course is designed to answer these questions, and to explain the Biblical foundations for our vision and ministry emphasis at Grace. You will be introduced to God and his plan to redeem mankind; you will learn the importance of the Bible and the hope found in the gospel of Jesus Christ. This course explains the Biblical DNA of Grace Church.



Disciple-Making explains the essence and interworking of our mission as followers of Jesus Christ. Join us for this foundational class as we prepare you to minister effectively and enrich your relationship with Jesus.


How to Study Your Bible

Discover the joy of studying God’s word. This class will equip you with the necessary tools to study the Bible at a deeper level. We will focus on observing the text, interpreting the meaning and applying the truth to our lives. One of the primary ways we can discover who God is and His plan for our life is by putting time and effort into studying what God has revealed and given to us.


Interpersonal Relationships

Good communication on the personal level is what holds a “community” together. Good communication is the oil that makes interacting with and leading people a positive experience. The goal of this class is to provide better understanding of oneself in order to be more effective in dealing with others for the sake of moving forward to the glory of God. We will focus on ways that help us interact with others, resolve conflicts, and guide us to work toward community and oneness. Join us as we navigate the choppy waters of relationships, communication and ministry.



Discovering how God has wired and “shaped” you by exploring scripture and the different things that make you “you.”  This class helps you discover not only how God has made you unique, but also how your uniqueness fits in the bigger picture of what God is doing.  Learn what ministries and opportunities are available so you can pursue your spiritual passion. Shape is a two part course. Please register if you plan on attending both sessions.



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Church History

The “Great Church Reformation” was sparked by an Augustinian monk named Martin Luther. Join us as we discuss the Reformation. We will look at the background, the event itself, and the ongoing effects that are still relevant today. We will focus on the issues that define a healthy church on mission with Jesus Christ.


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Discovering Global Missions

A GO Team Pre-Requisite, this class takes a look at Biblical foundations of our role in global missions, expectations and overall strategies as we look to Give It Away around the world.


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Going Deeper: Who is Jesus Christ?

Ever been curious to learn more about someone you love?  It is a common curiosity and one you may also have about Christ.  This study examines the deity of Christ, the humanity of Christ, the unity of the Person of Christ, and the work of Christ.  It is our intention to go deeper with our understanding of Him. We will use a textbook to guide our discussion, Introducing Christian Doctrine, by Millard Erickson (Baker Books). *This book can be purchased from Amazon.com*


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Leadership Essentials

Paul addresses leadership in all of his letters. Without mature, spirit filled, and wise leadership, a church or organization will move toward chaos. We would all agree, but what we often overlook is that God calls all of us to some level of leadership. In this course we will look at what the Bible says about the spiritual foundations, the administrative skills and the qualities of a leader, who follows after Jesus Christ. Join us for this course and begin the journey to effective leadership.


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Learning to Share Your Faith

Do you have a hard time talking to people about Jesus? It is normal to feel this way. Please join us as we help you to value and understand the Gospel Story, which will give you the tools to help you share this incredible story of Jesus with your neighbor, co-worker, friend, etc.


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New Testament Survey

Discover what the New Testament is all about; the story and purpose of the books and how they fit together.


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Old Testament Survey

Discover what the Old Testament is all about – how the story of redemption unfolds, what the purpose of the books are, and how they fit together to prepare God’s people and teach about the coming of Jesus Christ.


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Teaching Essentials

There are essential teaching concepts that a teacher must know and use to be effective. This course will explain, demonstrate and practice 4 of these essentials: (1) Understanding the learning process; (2) structuring a lesson to communicate effectively – HBLT format; (3) learning the art of asking questions and leading discussion; (4) and practicing how to lead a class so that people learn. Please join us for this 4-week course.


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30 Days to Understanding the Bible

Have you ever picked up your Bible and wondered if you could ever fully understand it? Join us for a journey through the Bible. Discover how the Bible is put together, the main topics, and how it centers around the gospel of Jesus Christ. In this class, we will use the book, 30 Days to Understanding the Bible, by Max Anders. *We ask you to purchase this book as a workbook and guide for this course. This book can be purchased at the Ghent or Extension bookstore.*


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