Welcome to E4!

E4 is the online division of Grace Church’s Emmaus Ministry Training. E4 gets its name from Ephesians 4, which clearly defines the goal of this resource: to equip God’s people for works of service.
E4 is an online tool created specifically for two types of environments:

Personal meetings of one-on-one or one-on-few
Mid-sized groups such as life groups or classroom sized groups.

So with this in mind, how would you use E4?

First, you’ll notice that E4 is a collection of what we call “studies.” Studies cover a variety of topics that you’ll engage through multiple “sessions.” Each “session” includes a short video that’s accompanied by downloadable content and is intended for you to go through with a person or group. Sessions are designed to be viewed once a week, or on a regular basis.

For example, suppose you and a friend decide to start meeting together with the intention of helping each other grow spiritually. With an E4 “study,” you and your friend can go through a topic of your choice, designed to help foster conversation and give you meaningful content to work through together.

And because E4 is an online resource, it is very portable. You can use your smartphone, tablet or computer to utilize E4 at coffee shops, in homes, or at restaurants.

Or, suppose you are leading a small group and are looking for good content to help assist you as you lead. You can choose from the studies available on E4, and with your group, watch the videos and utilize the downloadable resources available to you.

Because E4 is designed for personal, one-on-one or one-on-few meetings and small groups, it will not make sense if you do it alone.

So grab a friend and try it out!