Jeri Ball shares the path that led her to Haiti in this blog post and the impact it had on her.

I was sitting in SHAPE class discovering my spiritual gifts and the conversation revolved around my creativity. The thought was that being part of the children’s ministry would be great for me. But, honestly, that didn’t sound all that great. I love kids, don’t get me wrong, but I had more interest in adults. And at the end of the conversation, the leader said “Oh, you’re a Lactation consultant! Bobbie Claypoole may be able to use you on her missions trips”. She happened to be one of the people at that class, so I decided to give her my number, just in case. About a week or so later received an email about Haiti. I didn’t even imagine that this was something that would happen this year. I emailed the give it away team back and made arrangements to talk on the phone to go over details.

As it turned out, there was time to raise the money and really pray about this trip! So that’s what I was committed to do. I asked everyone who had been on previous trips about how to raise the money. They all said the same thing…faith. Pray about it. So I did. I prayed. And stopped worrying. I posted a picture of cupcakes I baked on Facebook, and a friend asked if I ever sold them. I told her that I didn’t, but she could buy them with a donation to my Haiti trip. That was the first of MANY orders I received, almost completely paying for my trip!! I had tried to start a cupcake business a couple of years ago that never took off. This was God. He paved the way for me.

I really thought I had a handle on what my mission in Haiti was all about. I was going to show people Christ’s love. And I did that. I did home visits in the village for those that were too sick to come to clinic. I had a beautiful opportunity to pray with a dying woman. I was loved on just as much as I loved. This was the part that was so amazing. I shared a piece of my testimony, and the Haitian people prayed over me. That was life changing. But, even more importantly, my showing love to these people spoke to a member of our team. Christ working through me impacted a teammate. I didn’t see that coming. Jesus is amazing, and the lesson is that you can’t always know your purpose, but you can know that there is one.

I have a new family in my team. We shared some beautiful moments that cannot be duplicated. We ministered to the sick, and each other in ways that are life changing. Seeing God work through us and in us is simply beautiful. I know that my faith is even stronger because of this trip.

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