In case you don’t receive Craig and Jackie’s updates, we wanted you to know the exciting next steps they are taking in Africa. Read their latest newsletter to hear where God is taking them!

As many of you know, God had placed certain things on our hearts as we began our process of coming to Chad. After two years here of cultural learning and integration into Chadian life, God has now given to us and prepared us for what he has put on our hearts.  Our internship with the mission TEAM, where we learned so much is over.  We started out this year, working only for Encompass World Partners and now we would like to present:

Le Sanctuaire 
A place of refuge, rest and learning








Encompass has recently rented a property on the outskirts of the capital city of N’Djamena.
The upper level will be a bed & breakfast style guesthouse. The lower level will house students for further biblical study and evangelism training. The training will take place in a two room detached building on the property, along with practical application within the city.
We moved into the upper level 5 bedroom / 2 bath home in April and began preparations for our guests. We have entertained our first two visitors in May and we work to furnish and decorate the rest of the rooms. We will also work this summer to prepare the lower level to become a welcoming and comfortable training center for our Chadian students. Tables and chairs are being made, some painting and repairs will need done and the first students will arrive in September, along with the instructors.

Commit to the Lord Whatever you Do, and He will Establish your Plans.
(Proverbs 16:3)

Jackie has had a desire to teach English as a second language all through our time here. As it is with everything that we do, we looked for a way to do this within partnership with the local church.  Recently at a celebration at the church, she met a young woman, Marieta, who has a weekly English club. She was very excited to find Jackie and is looking forward to having her help in the club.

Craig has felt called to train up young men to work in skilled labor with integrity and honesty; Men who work diligently while showing the love of Christ to those around them.  He has been given two young men to train and equip in the construction trades. It was as if God placed these two young men in his lap but now the challenge was to figure out how to find work that would give them the on-the-job instruction that they need. Without asking, our Christian landlord suggested that his company be a launching pad for training young men in construction along with Biblical study and training to work as unto Christ. God works out all things according to His plans.

Praises and Prayer Requests 

  1. Wow! In a matter of a month or two all the things we wanted to do and prayed about are now beginning to happen. Praise Him with us for His plans and that we get to be a part of them.
  2. Please pray for us as things do not normally flow as easily here as in the states. The heat and other conditions here are hard on your body and spirit.
  3. Pray for the safety in work and travel as we will have two work teams in the next two months. They will travel 300 miles to the south which is a stressful and tiring 8-9 hour trip each way.
  4. Pray also for a young man who we gave a Bible to when after several discussions told us of his new faith in Christ.
  5. Pray for us to help, in an appropriate way, our next door neighbor and her family of 5-7 children, including a newborn that the father abandoned because his family said she was not of an acceptable tribe. Tribal struggles are still an ongoing problem here.

Thank you for being our prayer warriors and for being a part of our ministry here is Tchad.