One of our values at Grace Church is that we are fully committed to kids and students. We unapologetically devote major resources and energy towards shaping a God-centered world view during a person’s prime developmental years.

You will be able to register and sign your child in at one of our kiosks in the lobby. Your child will be left in a safe and positive setting with age appropriate toys and an adequate teacher-to-child ratio. Lil’ POWER Kids care is provided for each of our weekend services to allow parents to experience a worry-free worship service and know that we are here to help young children know how much God loves them! 

There are many ways we teach our Lil’ POWER Kids to:

We teach the children to — the story of Jesus — through interactive and dramatic Bible storytelling and playtime.

If we want to teach our kids to we need to lead by example and live like Jesus ourselves. Parents who desire to publicly commit their child’s upbringing to God may participate in a Child Dedication Service. We have four special services a year during which parents stand in front of the church and commit to raise their child(ren) to love, follow and live like Jesus. A Child Dedication class is required to participate.  Check the POWER Kids Events page for information and to register for a Child Dedication Service.

Volunteering is a good way to teach our kids how to

Our Children’s Ministry is run by screened and trained volunteers. Interested in give it away by giving your time to kids? Volunteer Orientations are held regularly.

Interested in volunteering? Email Power Kids.