Our strategy is ORANGE.  

A church has about 40 hours a year to influence a child.  Parents have about 3000 hours.  We recognize that when these two influences are combined, the influence is great.  We seek to combine the love of the family (red) and the light of the church (yellow) to demonstrate the message of God’s story to influence the next generation.   Family + Church = Orange

POWER Kids is an investment.  We want to be a voice in your child’s life- to tell them how much God loves them, who God is and help you the parent, lay a foundation for your child to own their own faith.  

Every parent can use a “cue” on how to raise their kid.  At Grace, we offer Parent Cues at all ages.  In Lil & Jr POWER Kids, we provide Small Talks.  In POWER Kids & Surge, we provide Parent Cue & GodTime cards.  Small Talks & Parent Cues help you know what your child learned during church and how to carry the conversation home.  GodTime cards are a devotional you can do with your child during the week or they can do on their own to spend time with God!!

Family Events.  We have several family events throughout the year- Family Movie Night, Family Fall Fest, Family Field Trip and more.  We believe in the family and know that what happens at home is more important than what happens at church


• For new families: Locate the New Family check in kiosk and fill out the information regarding the child.

• If you have already registered the child with POWER kids: Locate the POWER kids check-in kiosk and put in your phone number on the keypad on the screen.

• You will then select the specific age range for the child. Once completed a sticker will be printed and is to be placed on the child. One sticker will be provided for each child that is checked-in, and one will be provided for the parent or guardian.

• The parent takes the child to their age-specific classroom.

(If the child needs the parent for any reason during the service, the child’s assigned number will flash on the screen in the Main Auditorium.)


1. POWER Kids Elementary (1st – 5th Grade) – Located downstairs or at the SLIDE in the Café

2. Jr. POWER Kids (Age 4 – Kindergarten) – Located downstairs below the Café

3. Lil’ POWER Kids (Newborn – Age 3) – Located off the Café.


There are 2 check-in stations and both are located in the lobby.

When picking up a child, the parent or guardian must present the sticker that was printed during the check-in process with the child’s assigned number. The child’s assigned number must be verified on the child’s name tag before he or she is allowed to leave the classroom.