This past May, a group of young adults involved in Collective College Ministry embarked on a week-long, stay-at-home missions trip within the community. Throughout the week, students engaged in theological teaching from pastors and teachers at Grace, as well as community service projects and dinners in the homes of volunteers.
Students assisted two families in the community with yard work and landscaping, pulled weeds and helped with yard work at Hillcrest Elementary School, and also scrubbed, cleaned, and stained two decks at Camp Carl in Ravenna, Ohio.

They stayed in the home of Pastor Keith Keltner for the week and enjoyed refreshing evenings of games, social time and lots of rock band and Netflix.


“It was surprising to see how much need there is right in our own community. We don’t have to only go to another country to serve people. It was really encouraging to see we can serve wherever we are.”

– John B.

“ Refresh was exactly what it was advertised to be, refreshing. It was honestly such a great reset and reminder of how important it is to keep growing in Christ and spreading his love by sharing it with others; whether that be sharing the gospel with someone, or just serving others. Refresh was also a great reminder how we as Christians need the fellowship of other believers to help us continue growing in Christ.”

– Emily E.

“It made me realize how important it is to serve with a community of other believers. Being with the same group of people all day every day made our projects a lot of fun and I was able to grow in a lot of relationships.”

– Alex P.

“The sense of community was always there, even in our down time, and I always felt like God was watching over us. Even though I’m more of an introvert, this trip really allowed me to meet some amazing people that I don’t think I would have been able to meet otherwise.”

– Bri B.