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We caught up with Jordan Burton as he returned from the Student Ministries to Philly,, serving with Urban Hope! He shares his thoughts on his time there…

Philly…it’s a place filled with many emotions. Some involve struggle and remorse, but there is also love and joy in the environment. Being able to go to Philly the past two years has really strengthened my faith. It has made me into the person I am today. If I wouldn’t have gone on this trip, I honestly don’t think I would have any type of relationship with God.


Being able to work with the kids throughout the week was a pure blessing. The kids in the Kensington area don’t necessarily grow up in nurturing environments. However every single kid is eager and willing to learn about the gospel and the love God has to offer them. As the week progresses, it’s such an amazing thing to see how some of the kids learn to trust in God. They find hope even in some of the darkest situations. Seeing a kid smile is such a heartwarming thing, especially when they’re smiling about the love of God.


I do believe that this trip wasn’t just for building and strengthening the faith of the kids. I believe that as the kids progressed throughout the week, the leaders progressed as well. Being a leader, I was given the opportunity to share my testimony. By doing this I feel as though I might’ve been able to help people struggling in their journey to devote their lives to Christ. I know I was inspired by hearing other people’s stories and I hope I was able to do the same for them.


Lastly, I believe Philly is a very inviting city. Anyone walking by on the street is open to having a conversation with you. They will tell you their stories and the struggles they deal with in their everyday lives. Majority of the people there are open to prayer. Whether they are a normal person on the street or a homeless person, they would love for you to pray for them.

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