SURGE (4th – 5th GRADE)

Surge is the 4th and 5th Grade environment

One of our values at Grace Church is that we are fully committed to kids and students. We unapologetically devote major resources and energy towards shaping a God-centered world view during a person’s prime developmental years.

We want to help elementary kids own their own faith by sharing how to begin a relationship with God and helping them build a firm foundation of biblical knowledge. We want to show kids that the Bible is the source of wisdom and truth and how what they learn applies to their daily lives.

Children are led by an excellent volunteer team who provide creative lessons, music, and age-appropriate activities. Each classroom is equipped with a secure check-in/check-out process.

There are three core truths we want every child to know before they leave 5th grade:

I can trust God. No matter what.
I need to make the wise choice.
I should treat others the way i want to be treated.

In our Children’s Ministry, there are many ways we teach kids to:

Each month we have a different “life app” and memory verse, helping kids to . Children are encouraged to memorize the monthly verse and dig deeper into how they can apply the “life app” to their daily lives. We take a month to talk about applying biblical knowledge on such topics as commitment, kindness, patience and friendship.


Children from 3rd – 5th grade are encouraged to through Bible Quizzing.

Bible Quizzing is an excellent program where kids study and memorize the Bible at home and at a weekly practice. They compete four times a year against other churches in an academic challenge style competition. Bible Quizzing practices take place Sunday afternoons throughout the school year.  Kids (& parents) love the team building, friendships and knowledge of the Bible they gain from being a part of Bible Quizzing!

Children grades 1st – 5th are encouraged to by participating in POWER KIDS Life Groups.

POWER Kids & Grounded Life Groups takes place Sunday evenings throughout the school year.

1st-3rd Grade kids participate in POWER Kids Life Groups and are dividing into groups based on grade.  They meet with the same leader each week and have a time to connect with their leader and friends in the group.  They participate as a group in a Bible story, activities and crafts.  

4th-5th Grade kids participate in Grounded Life Group and are divided into groups based on gender. They meet with the same leader each week.  Each child will receive a notebook of material that covers basic Bible principles.  They will have homework and also gather to discuss the material, as well as how they are sharing Jesus with their friends and community.  

Grounded Life Groups have Retreats and Go! Dayswhere they serve in the community.  

Throughout the year, we hold events to encourage kids to We host Bible Camp, Family Fall Fest, Pajama Weekends,  and much more!  We also encourage the kids to give generously through an offering for one of our global partners.  


Our Children’s Ministry is run by screened and trained volunteers. Interested in volunteering? Volunteer Orientations are held regularly.