Response. We all know we should, but how?
Hurricane Harvey is devastating millions, but what can we do about it?

Pray. People’s lives are devastated. Young and old, rich and poor. Pray that this inspires compassion and that this will be the loudest noise amidst the chaos. That the love of God would ensure people that in spite of the craziness, He cares for them and offers hope!

Give. You can donate to any organization you trust to get the funds where they need to go. We have a fund set up that will be used to send supplies with teams, fund needed on the ground initiatives, or rebuild essential structures over the rebuild and development phases. If any monies are given to this cause that go above and beyond our direct efforts, we will donate the remainder of the funds to organizations with which we are most proud to associate. Donate here:Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief

Go. We will be exploring options of sending work teams over the course of the next weeks and months. We have a close relationship with a church in a Houston as well as with a Crisis Response Agency. Between these connections, we will look for the most effective places to deploy interested volunteers. We will either organize teams, offer options with trusted partner organizations, or both! To be placed on a list of interested people for a Disaster Relief GO Team please use this form: Disaster Relief Team Sign Up.

At Grace, we want to respond as wisely as possible. We want to help with relief efforts, intentionally support the rebuilding process, and do what we can to understand the uniqueness of each phase. This will likely be a long season of regrouping for Houston and its people; if we can collectively help bring restoration, then we will gladly engage that opportunity to tangibly bring the hope of Christ to a community in need.