Lovin’ these updates from Mark, Candi, Ty & Zach Ritzman, as they serve the kids and families of inner city Frankford in Philadelphia, PA! They were thrilled to have 4 Family Teams from Grace come serve this past summer and sent thanks & updates about their Fall ministry season.

We can not say “thank you” enough to all the people who come to Philadelphia to serve! It offers our family, as well as our church family, such a  HUGE wave of encouragement. At times, we feel like we are struggling to stay “above water” with all the issues that a city church faces. Other times,  we get discouraged and wonder if we are making any difference. However, God uses so many of you to encourage us to keep going! Whether it is through prayer, gifts, conversation, or mission teams. So, THANK YOU!!!! Thank you to all of the families that so willingly sacrificed your time and money to pour into the lives of the people of Frankford. Thank you for loving on us and our children! Our boys glean so much from being with your kids! We cherish our friendships we have built with our wonderful teams! Thank you, Lord, for letting us be a part of Your work with our Ohio brothers and sisters!


What’s Happening at Crossroads Frankford this Fall?

• Crossroads adults are looking forward to Pastor Mark’s next sermon series on 1 Peter.
• Wednesday night Kids Club began at the end of September for children age 3 to grade 5
• Youth group started in October (we have grown from 1 member in January 2012 to 8 members!)
• Twelve ladies began meeting in August to study the book of John
• Men’s Bible study resumed meeting in October for a Sunday morning study on men of the Bible
• Another team helped with our October Harvest Party—one of our biggest outreach events of the year!


Family “Bitz”

*School has begun! Candi is teaching the boys at home 4 days/week! We joined a local Classical Conversations homeschool program, so the 5th day we spend in class with other children!

*Mark has decided to help teach the 6-8 year olds in this homeschool program.

*Candi told Zach they were going on “an adventure.” Upon arrival at the destination, Zach asked if they were at Hulk’s house. He thought mommy said “Avengers!”

*Tytus has been learning to block and tackle under the proud instruction of dad. He told mom that she was “the prettiest girl in the world….except for Cinderella!”