We will be hosting an informational meeting for our Houston Relief team that will be headed to Houston October 29-Nov 4th. The informational meeting will be October 17th at 6:30pm at the Norton Campus (3970 S Cleveland Massillon Rd). We would love to have you join this team! You can sign up using this link: https://gracelink.ccbchurch.com/goto/forms/1629/responses/new



Urban Vision needs 15,000 pieces of candy by October 16/17 for their October Kids Clubs! Kids Club invites hundreds of kids from the North Hill community to be a part of their program on Friday afternoons. Could we have 15 life groups each take 1000 pieces of candy? If your group wants to donate you can email Regina at regina@urbanvisionministry.org.


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World Relief is looking for more drivers to help their families get to appointments during the week. Most of the appointments are during the day but this is a great, flexible serving opportunity that you can also take your kids with you to do. If you would like to be a driver you can fill out the application here and the volunteer coordinator, Christian Benadum will connect with you. Or you can email Christian with your questions at cbenadum@wr.org


images (4)The Garage is looking for families or individuals who would sign up to contribute a meal or snacks on Friday night for their hang out night! This hang out time provides at-risk teens with a safe, loving place to be instead of on their own or engaging in potentially risky behaviors. Could you life group prepare 1 meal a month and drop it off? To sign up email Laurie Beal at garagezoe@gmail.com


Rahab’s next Essentials training is October 7th from 9am-3pm! This training is offered quarterly and will be offered again in January. This training will give you insight into working with women who come to Rahab and is also required if you would like to serve at Rahab in one of their programs. You can sign up for this training at https://rahab-ministries.org/getinvolved/calendar-of-events/