Does your life group have a hard time serving all together? One of the great ways that you can serve from home (but doing the same thing as a life group) is to bake for Student Ministries. You could sign up for baking once a month or even every other month. Helping with this need frees the Student Ministry leaders to focus on relationship building with the students! If you are interested connect with John Gressock for all the details at


il_214x170.470933299_t4fnFirst Glance is starting a new teen moms program in February called Connect! Be looking on Grace Church’s social media accounts and the Give It Away Blog for more exciting details on how this program will be loving on the Kenmore Community and how you can be a part of it! For more information you can email Jessica Swiger at


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We are excited to already be thinking about sending two medical missions teams in 2018! We are putting together a team to head to Haiti and one to go to Chad, both in the fall. If you are interested in being a part of either of these teams email Sarah Yajko at for more information!


images (4)World Relief, a refugee resettlement ministry, is hosting their next orientation on January 24th. It will be held at their office at 647 E. Market St. Akron OH from 6-8pm (enter through Compass Coffee and they will direct you to the offices). This is a great introduction to the ministries of World Relief and will get you started serving with them anywhere from once a month to weekly! You can sign up following this link:


About every other month Grace hosts a new Discovery Group! This is often new visitors first opportunity to really understand the DNA of Grace Church. The Know It Team is looking for a life group or even a few people to be their Week 1 First Impressions Team! You could be the welcoming face to talk with and serve those attending Discovery. If you are interested connect with Brent Spillan at!