Five Reasons You Should Consider a Missions Trip to Haiti


1- The People and Culture 

Going to Haiti will undoubtedly mean encountering some of the most gracious people you will have ever met. In Haiti, the way of life is characterized by simplicity and community. Even though it is a country that has little materially, a heart of generosity overflows. Haitians often eagerly welcome visitors and meet needs in the community as they come up with a wealth of kindness and care for each other.

2- The Needs in Haiti

In Haiti, some of the biggest needs are food, jobs, and education. Often, in our American culture, the first response to a need is by sending material goods, but what’s really needed is much more complex. Going on a missions trip helps you to see what the needs are and how to partner in prayer and with long-term solutions.


3- Explore Somewhere New

Haiti is a county full of unique beauty. Travel is constant childlike wonder at every landmark and sight, every new food, the way another language sounds. The awe of taking in the mountains, the tropical palms, or a waterfall you’ve never seen before is a way to get to know the Creator in a new and powerful way.


4- There’s a lot to learn about faith from Haiti. 

Traveling to Haiti and interacting with followers of Christ there will teach you immeasurably about trusting in God. One missionary to Haiti described how she met a girl who talked about how she didn’t have food for nearly three days, but said that was okay because God was her food. Trust in God’s supernatural provision is often an everyday part of life, and any time is the perfect time for powerful prayer and worship.


5- Going to Haiti is a way to build relationships!

One of the most adventurous and exciting callings that God has given to each believer is to be His ambassadors! We are called to give our lives as a “recommendation letter” for Christ! He’s equipped you and provided for you to serve Him. Going on a missions trip is one way to build relationships through encouraging long-term missionaries, engaging with the community in Haiti, and growing in your own relationship with Christ.


If you read this blog, especially through the end, it means there is something in you that has a heart for global missions. Let your challenge for this season of your life be to ask God how He wants you to use this heart of yours to spread His love! Maybe it’s going on a first trip, going back to a county on your heart, or even committing to writing to and regularly praying for missionaries. Whatever it is, go for it, knowing that God will equip you for what He has called you to do!


Photo credits: Anna Graft, missionary to Haiti from Akron Ohio