World Relief is an organization we are proud to serve alongside. Their commitment to compassionately serving those that need it most while sticking to the foundation of the gospel is inspiring. 2017 was a year of ups and downs, not to mention it was a year of treading new waters (Read part 1 of their update here). Continue below with their update to get a glimpse into their world and find ways to pray for them as they lead the way for us to serve the community arm in arm.”

Grace Partner Spotlight                                  World Relief: Looking Ahead

Now it’s onward and upward!

It is by no small miracle that through the ups and downs of the last year that we are still here working with Akron’s new refugees, but also starting out FY18 in a position of strength and growth.

Akron has been receiving a lot of attention from our Executive staff because of the success we have had in effectively resettling refugees in our city. This success is a combination of several factors – Akron remains a very welcoming city to immigrants and refugees, there are low cost and available housing options, high refugee employment rates, many avenues for community engagement for heathy integration, and most importantly an abidance of God’s grace!

Because of this, our Akron office is expanding!

We have just received our new numbers for this year, and we will be resettling roughly 195 refugees. This is a 50% increase over FY17 and we are excited for the growth.

We are also in the process of launching a new employment program. Until now we have been partnering with the International Institute of Akron’s employment program for our clients. By launching an employment program on our own we will be able to establish relationships directly with employers, provide avenues for higher quality jobs, and continue making inroads for refugees in the workforce. This is a great steppingstone for us as we continue to pursue healthy long-term integration for resettlement.

We will also be adding 2 additional staff members to aid the growth in numbers and manage the new program. That means our office staff will double in this next year!!

Now that the new year as started and the refugee ban is soon ending (Oct. 24th), we are hoping that we will see more consistency with arriving refugee families. As many of you know, the last several months have been very inconsistent with arrivals making many of our volunteer programs equally as inconsistent. We are extremely hopeful that this will no longer be the case! Each of us here is ready to get back to “normal” and start serving as many families as we can!

We are really looking forward to what this new year has to bring and we would love to have you join us in thanksgiving and prayer over what is to come!

Thank you for being a part of our Ministry!

Kara, Christian, Samuel, Matt and Heather
World Relief Akron Team