The 360 Internship Program was established to help young students develop leadership skills throughout the summer, while being discipled and given exposure to ministry at Grace Church Bath Campus. A vibrant group of students with ministry-focused hearts, each 360 Intern was a key part of spreading light to our community this summer through Sports Ministry, POWER Kids, and Student Ministries. We wanted to introduce you to a few of them so you could celebrate with us what God is doing in and through their lives.

Madison is an incoming senior at Copley High School. As a 360 Intern, she not only made quite a few Starbucks runs, but also really loved getting to know each kid she worked with, understanding their personalities and having the chance to invest in them. She is passionate about creating safe spaces for kids to know they are loved and cared for. What she enjoyed most about the 360 experience was, “deepening relationships with other interns and kids, and gaining experience in ministry.” She hopes to continue serving in children’s ministry after the summer, as well as bringing ministry into her school. Her favorite toothpaste is the blue toothpaste with the little blue squares in it. She has a dog named Lucky who was born on St. Patrick’s day, and is mediocre when it comes to knitting.

Isaac is an incoming senior at CVCA. This is his second summer as a 360 Intern, helping with everything from making crafts, to setting up for different camps and volunteering at Grace Race. As a second year intern, he had more opportunities to take on leadership roles and continue being mentored. Isaac is especially passionate about “making sure every kid has a correct experience of what it means to follow Christ. I don’t want anyone to have a negative experience or be left behind. I want to give kids an accurate reflection of what it looks like to follow Him.” The 360 experience this summer gave him new opportunities to interact with different personalities, “whether it is a child, a leader, or whoever. Everyone acts and reacts differently, and it taught me to be patient in every situation”. Beyond this summer, he is looking to take serious steps towards vocational ministry. Isaac’s favorite toothpaste is Colgate. He can do a hand stand and is exceptional when it comes to knitting.

Dominic is an incoming sophomore at Copley High School. Dominic’s biggest takeaways from being a 360 Intern were “Patience. Not just with kids but with other interns. Working together with a team can be tough, and I have learned how to work with people who work differently than me. I also have become better at sharing the gospel and my story with younger kids.” He loves working with kids and making every kid feel welcomed and important, knowing that being in a position of leadership means kids are automatically looking up to him. After his summer with 360, Dominic plans to “keep serving in middle school, continue playing drums in the band, and figure out what God’s calling is for my life.” Dominic doesn’t have a preference when it comes to toothpaste. He has a pet fish named Gerardo, and he can clap with one hand.