by Pastor Joe Caruso

Black Friday. It’s become a day (or days!) that we look forward to some of the best sales of the year. It can also be one of the most hopeless (a quick Google search and you’ll find stories of pepper spray going rampant, workers and customers being trampled, and even people being shot over the frenzy that is Black Friday!). Not to mention the old adage that Black Friday is one of those days where we can tend to rush to a place where people spend money they haven’t earned to buy things they don’t need to impress people they don’t like. 

So, why not use it as a day to spread hope?

Grab a tag, and help a family in need.

Smile often. A lost art, helping the season begin “to look a lot like Christmas” wasn’t meant to be stress and to-do lists; it was meant to be joy and sharing! 

Tip well. Don’t let Black Friday be a day that workers hate. Make their post-holiday and go beyond the 15-20%!

Engage employees. They’ve been up longer than you dealing with a lot of crabby, pushy people.

Whatever you do and come up with, make today count and spread hope!