I was introduced to the ministry at First Glance through a friend who asked me to help her provide meals for the Ladies Night Out program. When I delivered food, I got to catch glimpses of how First Glance impacts the lives of students from Kenmore and the life building activities and a loving environment there.

During a City Expo after church one Sunday, I filled out an interest form to volunteer in a different capacity at First Glance and right away, I was connected with Karen Freeman.  She paired me with a perfect job for that season of my life, organizing a library of parenting books for the Teen Moms and typing lessons for the moms in the program.  Karen always treated me as an integral and valued part of the work; she made me feel like I was part of something bigger.

Every time I walked into First Glance I could see and feel God moving. There was an excitement and hope.  I felt God wanted me to serve in a more relational way with the community of Kenmore but I wasn’t sure how exactly that was supposed to look.  I prayed on it and waited. I wasn’t sure what I had to offer anyone whose life experiences were probably so different than mine. Honestly, I was afraid to serve in this way because it was easier to risk “failing” when a human being wasn’t directly involved.

When a need was presented in the Tiny Glancer’s room, it was clear that this was where I should take the nex step.  I started the very next week and felt so at home and in love with these new little faces. We play, and learn, and paint, and sing, and experiment, and sometimes just hang out together while the moms are busy in their program. I really love going on the field trips and forming friendships with the moms. Every week is exhausting yet exhilarating!  Serving others and wanting to give your best creates a craving for the Word and prayer. I have drawn closer to Him- He fulfills my needs, teaches me, corrects me, and encourages me.

First Glance really celebrates the different gifts that people bring. They have a clear mission but recognize God provides a variety of people and avenues to accomplish that mission.  The outstanding leadership, clear vision, and heart of First Glance just makes you want to be a part of it.

So… when they offered me a staff position, I naturally said yes! The Teen Moms program was an excellent resource and ministry for over 11 years under the leadership of Karen Freeman. When she was called to serve Kenmore in other ways, First Glance knew God had a new beginning around the corner.  They also recognized the need to create staff positions and bring the leadership of the Moms and Family Programs on board with the rest of the team.  Stacy Boyd was a volunteer in the former Teen Moms program and is now the visionary behind The Connect-connecting hearts of families to each other, the community, and to Christ.  I’m really excited to be a part of this new movement as the Tiny Glancer’s Coordinator.  I get to support young families seeking knowledge, faith, and community, by providing educational experiences to their children and linking arms with them on our life’s journeys.

Every week I get to witness God’s love and power and marvel at how he equips and uses willing servants and brings people together.  I’m in awe of the family he’s created in Kenmore of the students, staff, and volunteers.  We are all broken, just in different places, seeking restoration from the only One who can make us whole.

When I’m not hanging out at First Glance, I’m momming in Copley, ubering 2 beautiful daughters to dance classes and an incredible son to wrestling and baseball practices.  I also get to mom a crazy lab named Opie and 3 pesky backyard chickens.  I love hiking with my family, going on dates and trail running with my husband, exercising with friends, and drinking coffee and talking with fellow night owls.