11188353_849638265104362_2746140070073756736_nRefugees are people who have fled their homelands due to persecution or fear of persecution because of religious beliefs, ethnicity, or political affiliation. They move on to temporary residence in refugee camps, typically in neighboring countries, where they remain until another country grants them permission to enter. While the average stay in a camp is 7 years, many refugees have lived in camps for up to twenty years.

One of our developing city partners is World Relief. World Relief Akron is a non-profit evangelical organization that assists refugees as they transition to new lives in America. From housing and medical assistance to ESL classes and career services, World Relief Akron provides refugees with the essential opportunities to become self-sufficient in our city.  They partner with local churches and volunteers to ensure that the families they resettle are warmly welcomed and generously served with the love and compassion of Jesus.




World Relief has monetary and physical ways that individuals, families, and life groups can contribute to the work they are doing to resettle refugees in Akron. To learn how you can contribute to World Relief in Akron click here!

Opportunities to Serve

Welcome a newly arrived refugee family by having them as guests in your home for 3-12 days until their apartment is ready.

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Become a part of a good neighbor team for a family and assist them with their transition to life in the States. Share meals, practice English, assist them with practical life tips, and much more!

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Are you strong and willing to jump in on a project on short notice? Help World Relief move a family into their new home or loan your time and vehicle to pick up furniture.
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Road Runners volunteer once a week (during business hours) to help casework staff by driving refugees to and from appointments. It is a tangible way to be the hands and feet of service. Drive to medical appointments or the grocery store; teach refugees how to apply for library cards or use ATM machines, or even pick them up from the airport when they arrive.
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Refugee families are arriving every week and that means MANY apartments need to be set up. We collect donations of basic household goods and need help collecting and organizing these items for placement in refugees’ first apartments in America.
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Career Coaches have the opportunity to meet with an individual or a group for job training and interview preparation, enabling individuals to move toward self-sufficiency.
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1 )Pray for each refugee family that arrives to be able to successfully transition into their new life.

2 )Pray for the staff as they help each family and individual to transition. Pray for strength and wisdom in their words and actions.

3 )Pray for more volunteers to come alongside the refugees as companions.

4 )Check out our 30 Ways to Pray for the city.