We serve alongside Breathe Partners, Iglese de la Grace (Grace Church) and Chelo to serve in the village of Bercy. We come to the village and spend time building relationships with the families that attend Chelo’s church as well as families in the village. We do this through medical clinics, kids club activities, and discipleship. We are hoping soon to partner with Chelo to serve single mothers and also ESL classes.

Our intention at Grace is to partner strategically in hard areas of the world where we can live holistically, generously and serve as a catalyst for a movement of God’s church globally. Our goal is to encourage and build up the local cross-cultural workers/pastors so that they feel better equipped to send out their own cross-cultural workers.





Prayer is one of the most simple, yet powerful tools that we, as believers, have to use. Ephesians 6:18 calls us to, “pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere.” Pray with Specificity for Breathe Partners and the pastors and servants in Bercy, Haiti. 30 Ways to Pray is a great resource to pray with specificity.


God calls us to shift our thinking from comfort to sacrifice. As you engage the culture and invest your time, money, and energy into what God is doing in Haiti, your heart will follow. You can give to Haiti by:

  • providing financial or material support to Chelo, Breathe Partners, or our partner church,
  • helping someone else be a part of a GO Team to Haiti,
  • or supporting a child who attends school in the village and is being nurtured and discipled by the local church all while receiving what he/she needs to go to school.

To support the next phase construction on our partner church in Bercy click here. To directly support any of our cross-cultural workers please see the link or email in their bio.


As we hear the Great Commission and understand that God calls us all to share the gospel, we must also shift our thinking from security to service. “For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me and for the gospel will save it. Maybe you have had thoughts about going on a trip. We encourage you to email Sarah Yajko, our global coordinator, at bath.haiti@graceohio.org for more information.

The Zika Virus & GO Teams in 2017

Many are aware of the Zika virus that is spreading throughout parts of South America, Central America, North America, and the Caribbean Islands. At this point, though the virus has certainly been identified in Haiti as well as in Mexico where we send teams, none of our on-the-ground missionaries or national ministry leaders have advised not traveling (and they would – they have before!).



Cross-Cultural Workers


Partner Pastor: Chelo Demosthenechelo 2

Chelo is the pastor in Bercy, Haiti with Elise de la Grace. We return to Bercy on all our trips to continue relationships and partner with Chelo in the his ongoing work in that village. Chelo is leading small groups, as well as church services in his village. He is also helping to coordinate the sponsorship of several children at the local school. If you would like more information about supporting the Chelo in his work please email Sarah Yajko at bath.haiti@graceohio.org


Click here for more information and specific ways to pray for Pastor Chelo and the church in Bercy: Partner Profile


Breathe Partners Staff: Stephanie Taylorstephanie

Stephanie has committed five years to being the Compassion Corp Coordinator, Culture Specialist and Haiti Community Advocate, living in Bercy as she works to set the Haitian church up to win while leading Compassion Corp participants. Stephanie has a passion for people to recognize their full potential in their unique design in Christ. She’s excited for what’s happening in the movement and finds true joy coming alongside the beautiful people of Haiti as they discover what they’re capable of doing where they’ve been placed.




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