We can’t know God without knowing the Bible. At Grace, we’ve developed classes to help you do just that. These courses are for anyone who wants to go deeper in knowing more about God and how His Word transforms every part of our lives.

As Jesus and his disciples were walking the road to Emmaus, “beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, He explained to them what was said in all the Scriptures concerning Himself” (Luke 24:27). We want to open the Bible to you as Jesus did for the disciples, whether your ministry is with your family, at work, in the community, or around the world.


Below are the upcoming classes that are being offered at Grace Church. You can click on a class and register online.

Discovery Groups

This short-term group is designed to help you get to know what Grace Church is all about. Through this 7-week experience, you’ll be able to connect with others while learning what it means to be part of the Grace community.

Discover the heartbeat of Grace Church as you learn about what it means to Know It, Live It, and Give It Away. Discovery Groups paint a picture of life and involvement at Grace and guide you into your next steps.

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This class will explain baptism and prepare you to be baptized. Baptism is for those who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and are ready to take the next step in publicly proclaiming their faith in Him.
*This class is required for baptism at Grace Church*



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Basic Beliefs of the Church

What do we believe—and why? What is the focus of our faith? This class is designed to answer these questions, and to explain the Biblical DNA and foundations for our vision and ministry at Grace Church. We will discuss who God is and His plan to redeem mankind, the importance and trustworthiness of the Bible, the Gospel message, the hope found in Jesus Christ and other teachings found in our doctrinal statement. If you have questions about the Christian faith or want to gain a better understanding of Christianity, this class is for you!


Child Dedication

Child dedication class that goes over key elements of dedicating your child to the Lord and preparing parents to make this decision for their child. Parents must attend this class to participate in the Child Dedication services unless completed with a previous child in the family.

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Pick a task, any task: some people are going to be really good at it, and others, well not so good. Have you ever wondered why? Beyond the mantra that “practice makes perfect,” there is a God-given reason for your strengths and weaknesses. This class will help you discover how God has wired and “shaped” you by exploring Scripture and the different things that make you “you.” We will help you discover not only how God has made you unique, but also how your uniqueness fits in the bigger picture of what God is doing. You will gain both a fresh perspective on how God can use your specific talents and passions, and you will also be connected with ministries and opportunities that align with those talents and passions. Join us as we learn how we all fit into the story of God!
*Shape is a two-part class. Please register if you plan on attending both sessions.



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30 Days to Understanding the Bible

Understanding the Bible can feel like an impossible task. Where do you even begin? This class is a great place to start! We will explain how the Bible is put together, how its main topics and themes are developed, and how the books center around the gospel of Jesus Christ. This class will go through the book 30 Days to Understanding the Bible, by Max Anders.* Join us as we develop a greater understanding of God’s Word!

*We ask you to purchase this book as a workbook and guide for this course. This book can be purchased on Amazon.

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Church History

Have you ever wondered how the church—the body of Christ—has developed and changed throughout history? Join us as we discuss pivotal events in Church History. This class will examine specific events, studying the background, and the ongoing effects that are still relevant today. We will focus on the issues that define a healthy church on mission with Jesus Christ.

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Disciple-making is our mission as Christ-followers (Matthew 28:19). The model of discipleship in the Bible reflects the process of parenting, mentoring, and coaching. This course is designed to give you practical steps toward discipling other Christ-followers to go and make disciples.

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Discovering Global Missions

Have you ever wondered how God might be calling you to share your faith beyond your normal, day to day life? God desires that people of all nations, tribes and cultures would know Him and receive the salvation of Jesus. God invites us to join Him in reaching that goal. Discovering Global Missions looks at the Biblical foundations of our role in global missions, our expectations, and our overall strategies for sharing the Gospel. This class is a GO Team Pre-Requisite. If you feel God leading you toward cross-cultural missions, consider attending this class!

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Going Deeper

Are you ready to grow deeper in your faith and understanding of the Bible and the heart of God? This series of classes will examine the major themes revealed in the Bible. It is our intention to go deeper in our understanding of God and His vision for our lives.

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How to Study Your Bible

Does the Bible intimidate you? Are you afraid to even open it? Everyone feels that way until they understand the joy of discovering God’s heart. This class will equip you with the basics of reading and studying the Bible. Join us as we learn to read God’s Word more effectively and deeply!

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Interpersonal Relationships

We experience pain, struggles, conflict, and miscommunication in all of our relationships. Whether you are interacting with a friend, family member, or co-worker, clear communication is what holds relationships and community together. The goal of this class is to help you understand yourself and others in order to be more effective in your relationships from a Biblical perspective. We will focus on strategies for self-awareness, conflict resolution, and building community. Join us as we navigate the choppy waters of relationships, communication, and ministry.

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Leadership Essentials

Leadership is essential to the spread of the Gospel. We would all agree, but what we often overlook is that God calls all of us to some role in leadership. Leadership is addressed and illustrated throughout the New Testament. In this class we will look at what the Bible says about the spiritual foundations, the administrative skills, the qualities of a leader who follows after Jesus Christ, and how to apply these principles in your home, workplace and ministry. Join us as we begin the journey to effective leadership.

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Learning to Share Your Faith

Do you have a hard time talking to people about Jesus? Most people struggle to communicate their faith effectively. Join us as we help you to value and understand the Gospel Story. We will give you the tools that help you share this incredible story of Jesus with those that come across your path.

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Learning Essentials

All Christ-followers are called to some level of teaching (Colossians 1:28). Whether you are leading a large group of adults or a small group of toddlers, there are essential learning concepts that a teacher must know and use to be effective. This course will break down the learning process, explaining the role of the teacher, the role of the learner, and how to structure lessons that communicate clearly. Join us as we grow in our calling to learn and teach!

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New Testament Overview

Discover what the New Testament is all about—how the story of redemption reaches its fulfillment in Jesus Christ, how the gospel of Jesus Christ began to spread, and how we are to be on mission as part of the gospel-centered movement. Join us as we grow in our understanding and application of the New Testament!

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Old Testament Overview

Discover what the Old Testament is all about – how the story of redemption unfolds, what the purpose of the books are, and how they fit together to prepare God’s people and teach about the coming of Jesus Christ. Join us as we learn how the Old Testament continues to be relevant today!

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