We caught up with Rachel and Doug Jones, who are Grace attenders and faithful First Glance volunteers. They have served at Rec Night and they have also helped run the Football Program with Kenmore-Garfield High School and they also live in Kenmore. They love calling Kenmore home and being a part of that community.

How did you hear about First Glance and begin serving there?

Doug and I were introduced to First Glance through the Chapel.  We were newly married and wanted to begin serving.  First Glance was a newly formed ministry and was in need of volunteers for the recreational night for teenagers.  We thought this sounded like a fun adventure.

What prompted you to begin serving?

When I (Rachel) was a teenager, I grew up in an inner city church in Pittsburgh and was always drawn to the needs of the cities.  This desire to serve in the city with youth was something I had always enjoyed.  For Doug, he grew up in the country and volunteering in the city was an eye opening experience.  Now, he loves the urban life community.

What has been the best part of serving at First Glance?

First Glance is a place where you connect with students and love them for who they are.  We initially started out hanging out with students at recreational night.  We hung out, accepted, and loved students as they were.  No agenda, no pressure.  We just wanted to form relationships with them to share the hope and love of Christ.

What is one thing God has taught you since you started?

God has taught us a lot over the years through FG.  We have learned to love students as they are.  God’s love is extended to all.   We believe by getting involved with FG early in our marriage made serving others a priority and important in our walk with the Lord.  God has also clearly called us to different ways to minister in the Kenmore community.  When we listened and obeyed, serving others was exciting and amazing to see God’s work through us.

Tell me a little about yourself: your family, pets? What is a hobby of yours? Favorite movie?

The Jones’ family loves sports.  We enjoy helping in our community with the youth baseball and softball league. We love having kids over to play basketball.  We also like camping at the Lake in Norton.