Each year First Glance hosts an Open House to get to know the staff and programs. This is a great first step to learning why First Glance has a presence in Kenmore to help students feel connected and loved! It will be March 19th at 12pm. The address for FG is 943 Kenmore Blvd. You are welcome to park in the lot behind the FG building. Kids are Welcome!



The Extension Set Up/Tear Down team gives 2 hours a week to help make weekend services happen, connect groups occur, and so many other weekly and one time event ministries a reality. Can your life group serve one weekend a month to help with set up/tear down? This is a great way for life groups to serve not only the church but the larger community we live in! If you can join the rotation please email Jordan Lee at jlee@graceohio.org


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So many kids in under-resourced communities don’t have access to extra-curricular activities and learning opportunities! Partnering with South Street and Urban Vision in Kenmore and North Hill, respectively, to share your talents and passions is a great way to serve! These ministries love to have people come in and teach students a new skill. It could be cooking, chess, web design, carpentery, science, or just about anything else. If you want to learn more email Sarah Yajko at syajko@graceohio.org and we’ll get you connected!


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Feed My Starving Children is coming up in May and we need to coordinate over 1000 volunteers to pack 500,000 meals! We are looking people who would like volunteer at the event, helping us make it a success! We are in need of people for set up/tear down, registration, greeting, and food prep for the volunteers! Fill out this form and we will get you plugged in!


Rahab is hosting their Essentials training on April 1st! The Essentials training is necessary training to begin serving with Rahab. You can sign up for the training on Rahab’s webpage, which is: https://rahab-ministries.org/events/essentials-training/. If you haven’t taken this training yet and you would like to serve with Rahab we encourage you to jump into this training. If you have any questions you can email Rahab at believe@rahab-ministries.org