Weekend Services for Middle School

We have a number of great programs and events specifically designed for our middle school students. Our middle school services consist of live music, games, time to hang out with friends, and hear about Jesus and why His life matters to us today. Questions and challenges are encouraged! We love to hear your thoughts and listen to your story.

Saturday at 6:45pm & Sunday at 9am
in the Student Center (Ghent Road)

Sunday at 11:15am
in the Chapel (Extension)




Open to all high school students. Experience live music, entertainment, and hang out with friends while having conversations that can change your life! If you hear something that sparks a thought or strikes a chord, find a leader and ask questions, challenge us, debate. We love to hear your thoughts and opinions.

Wednesday nights at 7pm
in the Ghent Road Auditorium


The Creative Arts Ministry for students is for students in 6th-12th grade. This ministry exists to train and equip students not only with musical and technical skills but with leadership skills. For more information on how to get involved with this ministry (being a part of the band, the vocal team, the adult leadership team, or the AVL team) please email Zoe Jamison at zjamison@graceohio.org and check out gsmworship.com for more info.


Life Groups

We also have weekly discussions to dig deeper at our Student Life Groups for middle school and high school students: